METEO 597G: Dynamic Oceanography

Fall Semester 2010 (3 credits)

METEO 597G:  Dynamic Oceanography

Purpose and Content
Dynamical (or physical) oceanography is the study of ocean currents and related physical aspects of the sea, such as the distributions of temperature and salinity.  The field has gained increasing importance in understanding weather, climate, global biogeochemical cycles, marine organisms, the paleoclimate record, sound transmission in the sea, and marine pollution

This course introduces graduate and advanced undergraduate students in the sciences and engineering to the circulation of the ocean and the theories used to explain it.  We will discuss the large-scale circulation driven by winds, buoyancy, and tidal forces, as well as smaller scale features such as the surface ocean mixed layer, mesoscale eddies, and internal waves.  Special topics, such as sea-level rise, estuarine dynamics, and El Niño, may also be treated if there is sufficient interest. Evaluation will be through standard problem sets and exams, as well as a term paper in physical oceanography of the student’s choosing.  Prior exposure to fluid dynamics is preferred; please  direct questions to the instructor.  The course meeting time may change to accommodate students with conflicts.

Dr. Raymond Najjar