METEO 481: Weather Communications I Overview


WEATHER COMMUNICATIONS I (3) Multi-instructor weather communications survey including forecasting, science teaching and writing, television and radio broadcasting, climate studies, forensics, industrial applications. Prerequisite: METEO 201

Welcome to the Weather Communications I web page!  This introductory class has been created specifically to address the communication of weather information.  The weather can be communicated through a variety of means including web pages, newspapers, and audio and video broadcasting.  Weather Communications I has a unique format: A variety of teachers lead students through lectures and activities that address different types of weather communication and their application in the real-world.  Each assignment is varied and interesting; for example students create a new wind chill index and determine the noise pollution impact of mining on a small town.  Students also have the chance to learn about job opportunities ranging from on-air television personality to forecaster for a major airline.  Most importantly, Weather Communications I teaches students the importance of communicating all ideas effectively, not only the weather. 

Throughout this site, you'll find important information about the Weather Communications I class: A important class information (including the various syllabi), information on the instructors for the class, and examples of projects from previous classes.

As a part of Weather Communications I, students also get a chance to meet those directly involved in the weather communications field.  Below is a picture of Paul Kocin, winter weather expert on the Weather Channel.  Mr. Kocin received his bachelor's in meteorology from Cornell University and his master's in meteorology from Penn State.

Paul Kocin speaking to Meteo 481 class