Meteo 482: The Instructors


Marisa Ferger
Section:  Broadcasting

Hurricane Gloria was the event that turned Marisa Ferger into an official "weather weenie". The storm forced her hometown of Bayville, NY to be evacuated and sparked her interest in meteorology. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, Marisa worked as an on-air meteorologist and reporter at WPBN in Traverse City, MI and KOKH in Oklahoma City. Before joining the Weather Communications Group in July of 2002, Marisa worked in television and radio in State College, PA.

Marisa enjoys spending time with her husband Paul (who is also a meteorologist), playing with her dogs, cooking, going to the beach, and reading about Theodore Roosevelt.

Fred Gadomski
Section:  Forecasting, Broadcasting

Fred Gadomski is originally from New Bedford, Massachusetts and has been with Weather World since 1980. He has a bachelors degree from Lowell University and a master's degree from Penn State University in the field of meteorology. He is currently a senior forecaster for the New York Times and an instructor of meteorology at Penn State.  Fred is a founding member of The Weather Communications Group and has been on the American Meteorological Society's Board of Broadcasting. He has made appearances on such television shows as Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Newton's Apple. Fred also enjoys politics.

Lee Grenci
Sections:  Writing, Teaching

Lee joined Weather World in late 1984. He is originally from Butler, PA and received his bachelors degree from Penn State University. Lee then went on to get two masters degrees from Emory College in Georgia and Montreal's McGill University. An original member of The Weather Communications Group, Lee is a current forecaster for the New York Times.  Lee has taught classes at Penn State in meteorology and advanced math. Lee has just co-authored with Jon Nese a college level meteorology text book. Lee coordinates the teaching assistants in the Department of Meteorology. Among Lee's avid interests are softball and animals.

Paul Knight
Section:  Climatology, Forensics

Paul Knight is the Pennsylvania State Climatologist. He is an instructor of synoptic meteorology at Penn State University and the manager of the Weather Communications Group. Paul has been the senior forecaster for The New York Times since 1986.He is also producer,co-host and on-camera meteorologist for WPSX-TV's Weather World, a fifteen minute, weeknight weather magazine show seen on three Pennsylvania PBS stations since 1983.  Paul holds the American Meteorological Society's (AMS) Television Seal of Approval, is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) and serves on the AMS Board of CCM's. He received his bachelor and master degrees in meteorology from Penn State. He received the Wilson Award in 1994 from the College of Earth & Mineral Sciences at Penn State. He has been quoted in more than 100 newspapers and magazines, including National Geographic and Forbes and has appeared on the national TV programs, The Today Show, ABC Nightly News, Fox News and Good Morning America Sunday edition.

Todd Miner
Section:  Forecasting

Todd has been working with the Weather Communications Group (WCG) since 1993. Initially working as a student intern, he began full-time employment with the WCG in the Fall of 1995 after receiving his MS in meteorology from Penn State. Todd spends his time instructing undergraduate courses in meteorology, including: Forecasting, Introduction to Meteorology, and the new Weather Communication courses being taught by the WCG. In addition, Todd currently manages the production of the New York Times Weather page project for the WCG. He also appears on the TV show Weather World several times a month. Todd’s primary interests in meteorology include mesoscale weather forecasting and analysis, especially when it pertains to weather phenomena caused by the Great Lakes. He is also interested in how weather information is communicated to the public.

Bill Syrett
Section:  Industry

Bill Syrett joined Weather World in July 2000. He grew up in Connecticut and has been fascinated by extreme weather since he was 5 years old. He received both his bachelors and masters degrees from Penn State. As a research assistant in the Department of Meteorology, he worked on many multi-agency research projects designed to study diverse topics ranging from arctic ozone depletion to typhoons. He has been the manager of the department's weather observatory since 1995 and is an instructor in Meteorology. When Bill's not being a "weather weenie" (which his wife and children lament is not very often) he enjoys vegetable gardening, bowling, income tax preparation, and his community.

Jeff Warner
Sections:  Writing, Teaching

Jeff Warner, a member of the Weather Communications Group, is actively involved in several facets of the groups' duties. Jeff is an instructor of numerous meteorology classes including Weather Communications and the forecasting practicum. He has also taught introduction to weather analysis. Jeff is also going to teach flash flood forecasting as part of a grant from COMET.  In addition to his duties as an instructor, Jeff is an integral member of The New York Times forecasting group. Jeff is an on-camera meteorologist for Weather World and also records a 90-second radio spot once a week for WPSU-FM public radio giving a brief synopsis of the weather.