Amanda Schaffer Gindhart

Amanda Schaffer Gindhart

  • Software Configuration Management Engineer - Northrop Grumman
  • Configuration Management Specialist - Chameleon Integrated Services
  • Configuration Analyst - MDA Information Systems LLC
  • Computer Systems Engineer II/Meteorologist - Raytheon


  1. 2009 BS - Meteorology, Penn State
  2. 2013 MS - Information Systems & Financial Management, University of Maryland University College


Something I’ve learned from being a Penn State Meteorologist, is that your career path and weather have a lot in common. A combination of weather variables impact how a storm will build, just like the decisions that carry your career. New skill sets, mastering technologies, and certifications for a resume are just like moisture, instability, and a lifting mechanism for a thunderstorm, the more you have, the stronger it will be. Even though I didn’t follow a typical weather career path, the knowledge and experience I gained from working as a Systems Engineer for Raytheon at the NWS and a Configuration Analyst at MDA Information Systems, provided the drive to excel in Configuration Management. Now with my 4th company since graduating, I’ve discovered regardless of the dreams and goals you set in college, we can’t predict what the future will hold for our career. If it wasn’t for the Penn State Meteorology Department taking a chance on me, I wouldn’t be working for an amazing company like Northrop Grumman as a Software Configuration Management Engineer. The weather industry is becoming more intertwined with IT, and I wouldn’t have thought about combining the two if it wasn’t for the METEO 473 Class. A leap of faith when making college or job careers decisions can take you to places that even Meteorologists can’t predict.