FT&R Faculty Advisory Committee

FT&R Faculty Advisory Committees represent the needs and concerns of the FT&R faculty in the College of EMS and also disseminate information pertaining to policies and issues of FT&R faculty appointments.

The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences FT&R Faculty Advisory Committee provides avenues for FT&R faculty to serve as a group in discharging the aims and objectives of the College, and to submit proposed actions through appropriate channels to the College and University administration.  The College’s FT&R Faculty Advisory Committee serves as the primary FT&R faculty liaison to the dean.  The College’s FT&R Faculty Advisory Committee is composed of representatives from each academic department, institute and alliance in the college. Committee members serve three-year terms that are staggered to ensure institutional continuity. 

The current members of the College’s FT&R Faculty Advisory Committee are listed here

The Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science FT&R Faculty Advisory Committee serves as a conduit of information between the Department and EMS College administration and members of the Department’s FT&R faculty.  The Department’s FT&R Faculty Advisory Committee meets monthly during the academic year.  The Committee has five members, one of which is the Department’s representative on the College’s FT&R Faculty Advisory Committee.  Department Committee members serve for 3-year terms.  After two consecutive terms, a member must step down for at least one year. 

For more information about the Department’s FT&R Faculty Advisory Committee, consult the by-laws.

Current Department FT&R Faculty Advisory Committee Members

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