3-Year Postdoc position in ecosystem modeling in Finland

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) has an open position in a multidisciplinary research group (>10 scientist) that focus on ecosystem analyses.


Date posted

Jan. 2, 2018 12:00 am

Application deadline

Jan. 25, 2018 12:00 am


Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)


  • Finland

Job description

Work tasks

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) has an open position in a multidisciplinary research group (>10 scientist) that focus on ecosystem analyses and apply compiled expertise and models on various applications ranging from mitigation of climate change in the land-use sector to effects of management practices on ecosystem water, carbon and nutrient balances. The researcher will explore how land surface characteristics and management affect carbon, nitrogen, water and energy exchange between boreal land ecosystems and the atmosphere. Special interests are how interplay between vegetation, hydrology and management of organic soils, i.e. drained and pristine peatlands, affect their biogeochemistry and resulting greenhouse gas balances. 

The main tasks are: 1) to use and further develop state-of-the-art hydrologic and biogeochemical models for managed and natural ecosystems in organic soils, 2) analyze multi-scale flux measurements (chamber, eddy-covariance, radiation balance, soil hydrology) and 3) produce model-based projections of climate and management impacts on organic soils. Some field and laboratory work may also be included. The researcher will work in projects CLIMOSS (Climate impacts of boreal bryophytes – from functional traits to global models) and SOMPA (Novel soil management practices - key for sustainable bioeconomy and climate change mitigation) funded by Academy of Finland. The projects are executed in close collaboration between partners in Finland and abroad. 


We are seeking highly motivated researcher with background in ecosystem-atmosphere interactions, biogeochemistry, ecohydrology or climate modeling. Excellent research motivation, will to apply ones skills to varying computational problems, and ability to work independently as part of multidisciplinary research group are essential. The good programming skills, ability to rapidly understand model algorithms and modular process-based frameworks (e.g., Python, FORTRAN, C, Matlab) are required. Knowledge on energy, water and carbon cycles in terrestrial ecosystems are needed. Strong record in scientific publishing, and collaboration with stakeholders and international networks of scientists are appreciated. 

The ideal candidate has a recent Ph.D. in the subject area. In case of exceptional candidate, the vacancy can also be filled as a post-graduate position and a possibility to conduct the Ph.D. studies in the Doctoral Programme of Atmospheric Sciences (http://blogs.helsinki.fi/atm-dp/) in University of Helsinki will be organized. 

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