Chief Technology Officer

Climate Central seeks a Chief Technology Officer to help us decisively grow our impact nationally and globally.


Date posted

July 19, 2019 12:00 am

Application deadline

Aug. 19, 2019 12:00 am


Climate Central


  • United States

Job description

Chief Technology Officer

The time is now to join a high-impact effort addressing the challenge of our time: climate change. Scientists agree that what we do over the next ten years will be critical for civilization and the planet—and that meaningful responses are possible. The next 2-3 years will be key for setting direction.

Climate Central seeks a Chief Technology Officer to help us decisively grow our impact nationally and globally. You will lead technical development for all software, analytics and digital products; work with senior staff across the organization; engage with cutting-edge climate science and communications;  and provide leadership and oversight for our engineering and IT staff, while also contributing directly to software development. As first in this new role, you will have the opportunity to build key elements of culture and process from the ground up, as well as grow your team over time. You will report to the CEO, and your first big deliverable will be to build a major new mission-critical platform, our most ambitious to date. We are small and scrappy, so, especially early on, this job will blend hands-on work with leadership. 

The new platform will involve real-time monitoring of multiple large data streams; scientific data processing and event assessment; sophisticated decision logic; algorithmic text and image generation; advanced customer relationship management (CRM); and extended testing and evaluation capabilities. It will become a critical instrument for our goals to spur an unprecedented and sustained increase in climate change content in media and beyond; widespread understanding that climate harms and solutions are here and now; and responses that rise to the level of the threat. This complex and important project will nonetheless enjoy a relatively relaxed technical engineering environment, as the flexible platform will require little live software and user interface, will permit limited downtime, and will grow incrementally. 

Opportunities and responsibilities will include:

  • Lead software development team and IT staff; design and supervise contract work. Add several development and analytics staff over time, subject to organizational fundraising success
  • Participate with senior staff in setting organizational strategy, as it relates to tech and beyond
  • Be the organizational voice of technology
  • Lead development of a major new mission-critical software system plus tech aspects of all projects (e.g. apps and tools for web and social media, multimedia content generation, and metrics tracking; support for scientific computing)
  • Build culture around entire software development lifecycle, including requirements, design, development, documentation, testing, release, maintenance 
  • Participate in hands-on development creating deliverables 
  • Audit programs and activities for opportunities to grow impact through improved tech
  • Maintain awareness of industry trends and competitive landscape

Experience and qualifications that we’re looking for include:

  • 5+ years professional experience in software development, including roles such as Senior/Lead Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering, Chief Technology Officer
  • B.S. or advanced degree in engineering, computer science or similar technical field
  • 1+ years of experience in a leadership or management role with a record of success for leading effective, efficient and spirited teams with high levels of trust and communication
  • Experience with many of the following: data science; data visualization; advanced CRM; algorithmic news or marketing; modern web architecture; Infrastructure as Code; sophisticated analytics and testing
  • Technical proficiency in many of the following: at least one modern web stack, AWS and/or Google cloud, JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, and Linux. Also strong data skills (e.g. SQL) and self-teaching ability. Familiarity with CRM/SalesForce programming a plus
  • You juggle priorities and deadlines with the best of them
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, including with non-technical audiences 
  • Strong interpersonal skills and track record of effective teamwork with peers, bosses and reports; a sense of humor is a plus
  • Creativity and initiative
  • Unquestionable integrity and commitment to professional ethics
  • A real commitment to addressing climate change

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