Recruiter Registration - Career Days March 2019

How does it work and why do I have to register?

  • After you register, we'll send you a short form to inquire what your requirements are for candidates.
  • Shortly after the recruiter registration closes, the students will register and choose the companies that they'd like to interview with, based on the criteria you specified.
  • We then set up the individual interview schedules based on their preferences and the students' class schedules.

Deadline to register:  FRIDAY, March 6, 2020

Registration Form


Recruiter Information
Second Recruiter Information
If a second recruiter is coming from your company, please enter their information here. If you have more than two recruiters, please include their names and email addresses in the "Additional Comments" box.
Will someone be presenting at the Wednesday evening reception?   To benefit the students who may not be knowledgeable about your company, we ask each company representative to give a brief (5 mins. or less) presentation about their organization at the reception on Wednesday evening. This is not mandatory, but proves to be very useful to the students, even those who are not interviewing this year. Will someone from your organization be presenting on Tuesday evening?

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