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Department Mailing Address: 

The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
503 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802-5013

Telephone: (814) 865-0478
Fax: (814) 865-9429

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Department Head

Paul MarkowskiPaul Markowski

Tel: (814) 863-3012





Administrative Manager and Web Development

Lynn K. PersingLynn Persing
Tel: (814) 863-8568

-Office Manager
-Faculty Salary and Supplement Pay
-Faculty Recruitment and Hiring
- H1B Visitors
- General and Miscellaneous Budgets
- Faculty Startup
- Alumni Relations (co facilitied with Lan Lewis)


Undergraduate Program

Amber DeCosmoAmber DeCosmo
Tel: (814) 863-8565

-Undergraduate Program Coordinator
-First Year Student Advisor
-Undergraduate Recruiting



Graduate Program

Karen CorlKaren Corl

Tel: (814) 863-9500

 -Graduate Program Coordinator
 -Graduate Appointments
 -Graduate Recruiting
 -Graduate Student Conference Travel
 -Colloquium Visitor Travel


Travel, Research, and General Budget Expenditures

Christy Wellar

Christy Wellar
Tel: (814) 865-8566 

- Faculty and field mission travel
- Purchasing
- Wage Payroll Hiring



Research Grants/Contracts Administration

Jennifer GilbertJennifer Renoe
Tel:  (814) 863-7326

- Grants and Contracts Administration (pre and post award)
- J-1 Visas
- Visiting Scholars
- Postdoc Recruitment and Hiring
- Property Inventory
- Backup for Purchasing and Travel
- Facilitates Ken Davis' Research Enterprise

Web Content and Alumni Relations

Lan Lewis

Lan Lewis
Tel: (814) 865-0478

- Keys and Copier
- Web Content, Digital Signs, Brochures, Posters
- Greet Visitors and Answer Department Calls
- Colloquium Schedules
- Events and Group Meals
- Student Merchandise

- Alumni Relations (co-facilitated with Lynn persing)


Pennsylvania State Climatologist

Kyle Imhoff
Tel: (814) 865-8732




State College Climate and Weather Data

William J. SyrettBill Syrett
Tel: (814) 865-6172




Meteorological Computing

Ryan Antion and Brandon Brumbaugh


Forecasts -- Campus Weather Service


e-Wall Questions

Kevin BowleyKevin Bowley






Weather World 

Rob Lydick

Rob Lydick
Tel: (814) 863-4229





Bufkit Data

Operational Contact: Art Person