Nittany Atmospheric Trailer and Integrated Validation Experiment (NATIVE)

Native Trailer in YellowknifeNATIVE (Nittany Atmospheric Trailer and Integrated Validation Experiment) is a self-contained, state of the art, mobile research facility designed for satellite validation, air quality monitoring, investigations of pollution transport and deposition, and for use as an educational outreach tool.

The facility houses a suite of in-situ trace as instruments, active and passive remote sensing instruments for atmospheric profile and column measurements, and several meteorological probes.

The satellite communication system allows us to disseminate our results in near real time from anywhere in the country. When not stationed at The Pennsylvania State University, NATIVE travels around the country and is an integral part of the INTEX-B/MILAGRO, WAVES, TexAQS II, and ARCTAS scientific campaigns.

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