ADAPT Seminar - James Doyle

(NRL, Marine Meteorology Division, Monterey, CA)

"Mysteries of the Deep: Flying Through New Zealand’s Gravity Waves"

When Sep 08, 2016
from 10:30 am to 11:30 am
Contact Name Fuqing Zhang
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Internal gravity waves are ubiquitous in the atmosphere and are key components of many aspects of weather and climate. For first time, gravity waves have been measured in a comprehensive manner from near the surface to ~ 100 km altitudes as part of the DEEP propagating gravity WAVE program (DEEPWAVE). DEEPWAVE is a measurement and modeling program centered on New Zealand and focused on providing a new understanding of gravity wave dynamics and impacts from the troposphere through the mesosphere and lower thermosphere. This program employed several research aircraft from a base in New Zealand during June-July 2014. The NSF/NCAR GV was equipped with new remote sensing instruments that provide unique observations of topographically generated gravity waves, as well as waves generated by non-orographic sources. Examples of coupling between the lower and upper levels will be shown using the in situ and remote sensing observations, as well as high-resolution models with deep domains.