Academic Page

Currently (February 2009) I teach three classes in the Energy Business and Finance (EBF) Program.

ENNEC 100 is the introductory course to the EBF major, and introduces the economic analysis of environmental and  natural resource problems.

ENNEC 484 focuses on behavior in various energy markets, especially electricity markets, my research interest.

ENNEC 473 is an introductory to financial risk management.  This is a very hard class.  But given the feedback I get from graduates of the class, I do not plan on changing that.

I have acquired a variety of academic duties here at Penn State.  This has arisen out of the creation of the major in EBF and associated programs.  I did not plan it this way.

As EBF program officer I direct:

  • The major in Energy Business and Finance, which involves recruiting students, designing curriculum, bringing guest speakers to campus, and assisting with fundraising.  I was the faculty member in charge of establishing this major.  Begun in May 2004, the EBF major is an interdisciplinary course of study that draws on classes in economics, business, finance, and the earth sciences.  The major currently (February 2009) has approximately 230 students, making it the third largest major in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.

I also work on

  • Support for the M.S. and Ph.D. option in Energy Management and Policy, which is part of the graduate program in the Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering.   Our first students were admitted in Fall 2008.

Each of these programs is unique, innovative, dynamic, and directed toward a variety of interesting real world issues.