Abhisek Das

Abhisek Das

  • Ph.D Graduate Student
530 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802
Email: apd5662@psu.edu


  1. B.Sc in Physics, 2010, University of Calcutta
  2. M.Sc in Atmospheric Science, 2013, University of Calcutta
  3. M.Tech in Remote Sensing in Atmospheric Sciences, 2015, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, ISRO
  4. G.R.A in Atmospheric Sciences, 2019, Michigan Tech University


Dr. Jerry Y. Harrington 

Research interest: 

Physics to Atmospheric Science:

I was quite interested in understanding the laws of nature aftre taking school level physics. I pursued B.Sc in Physics, but the actual realization of fundamental laws of physics and mathematic became more interesting when I started reading good books on atmospheric sciences, few atmospheric phenomena explained by laws of physics with the mathematics made intellectual thinking quite interesting and I felt more driven to map out a career in atmospheric science. 

Satellite Meteorology:

Satellite observation of rainfall with the help of TRMM got me more engaged in satellite meteorology, specially spatial distribution of rainfall over the Himalayan region, rainfall pattern was quite beautiful artistically. Then I tried to understand more about the retreival algorithm and the tedious science behind remote sensing of geophysical  parameters. 

Snowfall microphysics:

I got an opportunity to work on snowfall remote sesning at Michigan Tech University, interstingly the excessive amount of snowfall at Houghton was quite fascinatiing and how nature creates so many beautifully structucred snowflakes turned out be another scientific curiosity for me, at the same time the latent heat  realeas during its formation and its effect on energy balance scintilate my scientific mind. 

Current Research:

In my current research under Dr. Harrington, I am trying to gain more knowledge on cloud/ice microphsyics and radiative interecation with cloud particles