Yunji Zhang

Yunji Zhang

  • Assistant Research Professor
  • Assistant Director, Penn State Center for Advanced Data Assimilation and Predictability Techniques
624 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802


  1. 2010 - 2016: Ph. D. in Meteorology, Peking University, China
  2. 2006 - 2010: B. S. in Atmospheric Sciences, Peking University, China


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Research Interests:

  • Tropical cyclones, mesoscale convective systems and severe thunderstorms
  • Ensemble-based data assimilation and numerical weather prediction
  • Predictability of severe weather events


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  • Zhang Y., F. Zhang, and D. J. Stensrud, 2018: Assimilating all-sky infrared radiances from GOES-16 ABI using an ensemble Kalman filter for convection-allowing severe thunderstorms prediction. Monthly Weather Review, 146, 3363–3381.