Meet the Season 13 Team!



Jillian Bohenek

Majors: Meteorology – Weather Forecasting and Communications

Journalism – Broadcast

Year: Senior

Hometown: Old Forge, PA

Activities: Campus Weather Service Head of Business, Weather World Assistant Producer/Director, Member of both the Penn State Branch of the American Meteorological Society and Chapter of the National Weather Association, State College Community Theatre

Facts: 1) I am really into theatre - singing, acting and dancing - and my life dream is to be on Broadway.

2) I am a germophobe and have to do things an odd number of times.

3) My hometown claims to be "The Pizza Capital of the World". You can be the judge of that!



 Christy Reuille

Major: Meteorology – Weather Forecasting and Communications

Year: Junior

Hometown: Fort Mill, SC

Activities: Campus Weather Service, Chi Epsilon Pi, Penn State Branch of the American Meteorological Society, THON

Facts: 1) I've dreamed of being a Penn Stater since I was seven years old, and I've told people I wanted to be a meteorologist since I was two years old.

2) I don't know how to function in the snow. I'm from South Carolina - if there's a trace of snow, it's a snowstorm!

3) I love marching band! I played clarinet in high school, and I also marched with the Penn State Blue Band in 2012.


Brad Guay

Major: Meteorology – Weather Forecasting and Communications

Year: Junior

Hometown: Barrington, RI

Activities:  Campus Weather Service, THON, PSU Storm Chase Team President, Student Council, Weather World, Penn State Branch of the American Meteorological Society, Chi Epsilon Pi

Facts: 1) I grew up on the coast, but I love the mountains just as much as the beach.

2) I've been to 37 states so far; I'm hoping to visit all 50 someday!

3) I saw my first tornado in November 2013 in Kokomo, Indiana.



Ryan Belz

Major: Journalism – Broadcast

Minor: Geography

Certification: Weather Forecasting

Year: Junior

Hometown: Millerton, PA

Activities:  Fill-in meteorologist for WENY News, Shift Manager for Campus Weather, Weather World Floor Manager, College of Communications Representative to the University Park Undergraduate Association, Faculty Senator, Project LionPATH Student Advisory Committee Co-Chair, Project LionPATH Student Representative, Student Technology Advisory Committee Student Representative and University Advising Council Student Representative


Facts: 1) My favorite color is orange. I have orange everything, even a bright orange tuxedo.

2) I have traveled to Italy, France, Spain, and Jamaica.

3) I ate cold spaghetti sandwiches for lunch throughout all of elementary and high school.



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